This website may well have been conceived by an individual but its content is the result of the open and generous contributions - of imagery and information - of members of the Beatles' fan and collector community both within Australia and from around the world.

As the Webmaster of the Australian Beatles album Labelography, I have been overwhelmed by the level of support given me to date; and it would be morally questionable if I did not acknowledge those who have provided the bulk of material comprising this web project.

Here, then, is a list of individuals whose contributions are reflected in virtually every page of this website. To merely say 'thank you' seems woefully inadequate but I say it with sincerity nevertheless.

In order of contact:

Bruce Hamlin
Bruce's book, The Beatles Records In Australia, provided information that served as the textual foundation for the original version of this website.

The 57th Beatle
An essentially anonymous contributor from, The Beatles Collecting .Co .UK forums, who provided label scans and information.

Stuart Allen
A contributor of a good quantity of labels who has a sharp eye for label variations.

Jaesen Jones
A Beatles afficianado with an incredible knowledge of Australia-specific Beatles lore, Jaesen ensures that all factual data published in the archive is accurate as far as can be established. Without Jaesen's input, this archive would be nothing more than a collection of images.

Gary O'Donnell
Gary has provided literally hundreds of label images from his personal collection, including labels of the elusive EMI-New Zealand 'contract' pressings that were manufactured in that country for exclusive distribution in Australia.

Richard Green
Contributor of labels so uncommon that new pages have had to be created to accommodate them. Richard is the compiler of the 'rarity guide' which is available on this archive.

Outstanding collaborators all.