German label, Polydor, owns the rights to the 'Tony Sheridan' tapes, recorded in Hamburg in August of 1961, which featured an early incarnation of The Beatles on a number of tracks, mainly providing backing for Tony Sheridan but also having a couple of tracks to themselves. Billed as The Beat Brothers (perhaps also as The Beat Boys) on the original release, the tapes became a modest goldmine for Polydor following the explosion of The Beatles onto the world popular music scene. Issued countless times under an assortment of titles, the Hamburg recordings remain a curiosity for collector's of Beatles records.
Manufactured and distributed in Australia by Philips Electrical Industries Pty Ltd
THE BEATLES TAPES - From The David Wigg interviews

DISC 1: John Lennon & Yoko Ono (Side 1) / Paul McCartney (Side 2)
DISC 2: George Harrison (Side 1) / Ringo Starr (Side 2)

AU100M1.a / The Mersey Sound / Polydor / Mono / variation a
AU2478090S1.a / Polydor / David Wigg Interviews (disc 2) / variation a
AU2478089S1.a / Polydor / David Wigg Interviews (disc 1) / variation a
Rock Legends was first issued on the generic red Polydor label; then on the Rainbow label. the sleeves for both were identical save for copyright and publishing details on the rear face (mouseover images below and right).

All Rainbow imagery provided by Richard Green
AU2475662S1.a / Polydor / Rock Legends / variation a
AU499095S1a / Rainbow (Polydor) / Rock Legends / variation a