From time-to-time and for various reasons, EMI (Australia) imported titles from overseas.

The first title to receive an official EMI (Australia) import was Magical Mystery Tour. With the popularity of the WRC release, and solid orders of the US release through EMIís international ordering system, EMI (Australia) decided to officially import copies from the USA. For a short period from September 1974 one could buy both the WRC and US issues concurrently. Imports continued until EMI (Australia) released the LP domestically in July 1979, not surprisingly with an inferior gatefold sleeve and without the 24-page book.

Between April and July 1975, EMI (Australia) imported three further titles: The Beatles Story (USA), Something New and Beatles Beat (Germany). Each title was available only for a short period of between a few weeks and a few months (the import codes for these titles can be found in the 'LP Discography' section of Jaesen Jones' book, An Overview Of Australian Beatles Records, available for purchase by clicking the "AUSSIE BEATLES BOOK" link in the top menu).

In February 1979, following the success in the USA of the Sgt Pepperís picture disc, EMI (Australia) imported US copies of the Abbey Road picture disc. The title was not a success here, and combined with poor pressing quality, sank with nary a trace.

Around June 1979, EMI (New Zealand) issued a series of singles that had been hits in Britain. Included were two Beatles singles: Canít Buy Me Love / You Canít Do That (BRIT 6) and Help! / Iím Down (BRIT 45). Both these singles were imported by EMI (Australia). EMI (New Zealand) also released a set of Australian hit singles (AUS series), which included Roll Over Beethoven / Hold Me Tight (AUS 32), but these were for domestic release, not export to Australia.

In July 1981, EMI (Australia) imported UK copies of the complete Mono Beatles original LP catalogue - the first vinyl pressing of the original mono mixes since 1969. More information on this range can be found by clicking the UK Parlophone label image above.

Other titles officially imported by EMI (Australia) include: the Japanese Beatles Box; the UK Beatlesí Ballads (presumably to meet high local demand; when Beatlesí Ballads was issued locally, six months after its UK release, it spent seven weeks at the top of the charts and within six months had sold over 200,000 copies); the UK picture disc release of Sgt Pepperís; and, the French 20 Golden Hits. Official EMI (Australia) imports generally had a blue sticker with ďEMI IMPORTĒ written in white affixed to the front cover.

The above is an extract from the book ďAn Overview of Australian Beatles RecordsĒ, © 2011/12 by Jaesen Jones. Used by permission. Book available for purchase by clicking the "AUSSIE BEATLES BOOK" link in the top menu.