In July 1981, EMI Australia released a local pressing of A Hard Day's Night Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, which had originally been released on the United Artists label in North America (distribution rights later secured by EMI's U.S. label, Capitol). The album comprised a mixture of vocal and instrumental tracks from the 1964 movie. Some fans have questioned EMI's decision to release this album in Australia, however its issue is valid because this LP is the only official source of original 'incidental' (i.e. non-vocal) music from the film. This album is exactly as it presents: an original motion-picture soundtrack.
A Hard Day's Night Original Soundtrack / PCSO 7584 / Maxicut edition
AU7584S1.a - A Hard Day's Night (Original Soundtrack) / PCSO 7584 / stereo label 1 (orange 1-EMI box) / Variation a