The poster supplied with Australian, and most NZ, pressings of, The Beatles, is a censored version. Two variations of the censored poster were produced; the first supplied with pressings issued between 4 December 1968 and 1975, and the second between 1975 and 1988.

Variation 1 - 4 December 1968 to 1975

- Lennon drawing of self & Yoko naked (see pic-right '1.'; and detail image, below)
- Naked Paul behind post (pic-right '2.' and image, below)
- Lennon naked on bed (pic-right '3.'; comparison, below); Yoko Ono cropped-out.

Variation 2 - 1975 to 1988

- MISSING: Lennon drawing of self & Yoko naked (see image, below).
- REINSTATED: Paul behind a post (see image, below)
- PARTIALLY REINSTATED: Lennon naked on bed: Yoko Ono now visible*

*a diagonal white line appears across the image (see image, below).